Property Damage

We carry general liability for your protection. If damage occurs, and you believe it is a result from our company, we will gladly come out and inspect it. Depending on the type and extent of damage, we will either repair it ourselves or pay an outside company to have it repaired.


  • Items left in the yard (such as hoses, balls, toys) cannot always be seen in the grass.
    We try our best to avoid them, but if they are damaged, we won't be able to repair or replace them.
  • Sprinkler heads or hubs:
    • Prior to mowing:
      • We request you flag any heads or hubs that do not retract into the ground completely.
    • Prior to Aerating or Dethatching
      • We request you flag these items before we arrive to aerate or dethatch your property.
    • We will avoid all flagged items, should any of these item fail to be flagged and are damaged by our equipment we will not be able to repair or replace them.